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Pet Urine Stains & Odor Removal

There’s more than meets the eye (or nose) when it comes to problematic pet deposits in your carpets. It may not be the most pleasant of topics, but we can help you understand the most effective way to permanently eradicate any pet stains or smelly issues in your home. Pet odor & stains can be hard to get out of carpet

Facts: Pet Stains and Odors

The problem could be more than carpet deep if your pet’s urine has saturated the padding and sub-flooring. Sub-surface extraction allows the urine, or odor source, to be easily lifted from the padding. Pet Odor & stain can do a lot of damage to your carpet.

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Bacteria - Pet Stains


Thrives in Pet Stains

Initially, your pet’s urine has a pH of approximately five to six, placing it on the acidic side of the pH scale. Combine this with the warm, damp environment found under your carpets surface, and you will typically find the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to grow and flourish almost immediately.

Proteins - Pet Stains


Why Timing is Crucial

In the original acidic state, urine begins to react with carpet fibers, initiating color changes. The naturally present urine proteins, along with a yellow pigmentation, start binding to the fibers in your carpet. The longer the urine is present, the more attached the yellow pigment will become, therefore increasing the odds of permanent discoloration of the carpet fibers over time. Our pet treatment is scientifically designed to loosen and liquefy these binding proteins!


Urine Residue - Pet Stains

Urine Residue

Why the Odor Returns

Over time, as the urine appears to dry, the naturally occurring salts of the urine leave behind a crystalline type residue in the carpet and the padding beneath the surface. The slightest bit of moisture, even from humidity, can react with the crystallized material, instantly reactivating the odor and stain. This is when the stains begin to reappear, why the odor is so difficult to remove, and why topical treatments are usually ineffective.

The Unseen - Pet Stains

The Unseen

Eliminate Issues at the Source

Gravity will naturally pull the bulk of the urine through the backing of the carpet and down into the padding, making it hard to visualize the true size of the issue from the carpet’s surface. The general rule of thumb in the carpet cleaning industry is this: for every baseball-sized stain you can see; it’s safe to assume there is a dinner plate-sized area affected beneath the carpet’s surface. Subfloor extraction addresses these issues below the surface.

Basic Pet Treatment

Moderate: Intense Topical Treatment

In addition to our regular deep carpet cleaning, we apply a specially formulated urine dissolving solution that was scientifically designed to break down urine proteins, removing stains and odors. Additionally, we inject small amounts of professional enzymes and safe bacterial cultures into the padding to treat mild padding issues.

Advanced Pet Treatment

Subfloor Treatment

Includes everything provided in the basic pet treatment (above), plus a full subfloor extraction to remove, rinse and sanitize the entire carpet, carpet backing, and padding in affected areas.


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