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As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies EcoFresh Service offers comprehensive carpet and rug cleaning services for your residence or business. In addition, we offer upholstery cleaning as well as carpet and rug restoration services. Our years of experience combined with using the latest equipment and dedication to doing the job right is why more people are calling our company to get the best in carpet cleaning services.

What you can expect from our carpet cleaning:

Our carpet cleaning processes are second to none. We approach each job with the intent on doing what is necessary to produce the best results. We can provide a very low moisture process or hot water extraction depending on the needs of the customer. Our goal is to not over wet the carpet and achieve the fastest drying times. Below is our 6-step process we employ on every job.

Pre-inspection – We will evaluate the areas to be cleaned and discuss the best approach to achieve maximum cleanliness.
Pre-vacuum – Up to 75% of loose soils can be removed with a thorough pre-vacuum. If a carpet cleaner does not perform this step, then you have the wrong carpet cleaner.
Pre-treatment – We believe in treating the entire carpet and not just the visible spots. Our citrus solution will rid the carpets of allergens and contaminants and leave the whole house smelling citrus fresh!
Cleaning methods – There are two ways to clean carpets. The first is known as VLM (very low moisture) and the second is HWE (hot water extraction). Most jobs require both methods and we are ready to do whatever it takes to produce the best results.
Probiotic Sanitizer – We are happy to say we are the first to use this amazing product. We basically inject millions of “ good ” bacteria onto the carpet that keeps working deep down into the carpet for up to 3 days after we leave.
Post-vacuum – This final step grooms the carpet and picks up any loose debris brought to the surface during cleaning. Standing the carpet up helps to achieve faster dry times too.

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“It’s amazing what two kids can do to a carpet… spills & spots everywhere! I had no idea it could get this clean.”


Sara Harrington

“Just wanted to submit our gratitude to your team for an excellent job in our home. We have great carpeting!!”


Calvin Cobb

“I was very pleased with the carpet cleaning done by your staff. The rugs look very good. Keep up the excellent work.”


Wendy Baker

“Just want to let you know that I’m very pleased with the cleaning job you did. Excellent job! Looks like new! Thanks.”


Steve Hunter

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